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when he thought to try to protect these foreign students’ safety

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“Please follow me, I come to you illuminate”

Zhang Ninghai police record

Xinhua Hefei December 15 (Reporter Zhu Qing) December 13 morning, in the cold of winter and rainy night in Huangshan, experienced more than six hours after the thrilling search, rescuers found the 18 college students in Shanghai adventure dangerous canyon . At this point,Sito Ufficiale Hogan Uomo Olympia Grigio, Huangshan Scenic Area Public Security Bureau police Zhang Ninghai thinking about only one thing: to try to protect the safety of these foreign students. His side with a flashlight lighting for college students, while reminding everyone: “Please follow me, I come to you illuminate ……” which became a hero last words before his death left behind.

For search and rescue 18 Shanghai adventure Students young lives sacrificed Zhang Ninghai has left us, but his life was in that dark rainy night and made a very difficult to forget forever the light. Zhang Ninghai’s parents, colleagues and completed together with his “12? 12″ rainy night rescue comrades large memories, more three-dimensional image of Zhang Ninghai, clear.

Rescue teams comrades: he let the light beam to illuminate the people around

Mold is director of Huangshan Management Committee 110 command center, but also “12? 12″ big rescue of the first rainy night to accept the task, the first time went to the person in charge of search and rescue teams of search and rescue region, Zhang Ninghai the search and rescue team is his team.

Cultivate told us after receiving the task, Zhang Ninghai said nothing on and off together with the other players. That night the heavy rain, pitch dark, rescue team members walked around in their hands and sky lights to shine,mulberry holdall black mulberry purse, kept shouting: “Some people do you hear someone please answer??.”

In this way, the search and rescue team members at the periphery of Huangshan undeveloped open area, there is no way in the bush aspect of the original forest in search and rescue, Zhang Ninghai,http://www.dzapp.cn/demo2/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4106, etc. all the way to call Shanghai adventure students, former hard line. More than six hours later, rescue teams found in open areas unexplored adventure all 18 Shanghai students, and reported for the first time to the temporary command center.

Found 18 college students, the Zhang Ninghai mood and everyone else, when he thought to try to protect these foreign students’ safety, so his side with a flashlight lighting for college students, while reminding everyone: “Please come with me, I’ll illuminate for everyone. ”

3:26, Zhang Ninghai flashlight escorted all the way through college at a precipice, he carefully so that the light beam to illuminate the side of the students,http://test.auc-navi.com/?action-viewcomment-type-news-itemid-10, all the attention has been on expeditions college body. We hand touched the icy cliff, tough climb, he was simply no way to take care of former students of the cliff line. At this time, Zhang Ninghai Unfortunately,mulberry shop glasgow mulberry new york, in order to protect the lives of college students reconnects, heroic sacrifice.

Colleagues: Ninghai gone, he left us with a lot of

Zhang Ninghai police worked in Taiwanensis Valley Springs police work for two years, Pine Valley police station Ganliang Sheng both his leadership and his friends. He told us that Zhang Ninghai is a very frugal life lad. “Attitude is very good, positive, healthy, extensive hobby,mulberry seth bag mulberry used bags, especially good at computers.”

In description,mulberry bags for sale mulberry alexa leopard print, we see a passion for life,http://bbs.g.baofeng.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=2654229, love of music young people: “He was very fond of music, will be flute,how to clean mulberry bag mulberry york,http://bjleyuantang.com/news/html/?112974.html, often heard his study on three usual regular exercise..” Ganliang Sheng very sad to say: “It is our good comrade Zhang Ninghai is a good example for us to learn.” tears in his eyes.

Zhang Ninghai colleagues during his lifetime, spa director of Dong Yuming police station, said: “Zhang Ninghai Huangshan arrived to work on the submitted application to join the party’s National Day Golden Week this year,http://www.cdanet.org/home.php?mod=space&uid=286165, he was placed in the Pacific under the cableway to the mountain station of tourists queuing to maintain order. due diligence,mulberry bags sale outlet mulberry somerset purse, in order to mountain safety of tourists, a station that is ten hours, without complaint. ”

Dong Yuming said: “Zhang Ninghai gone, but he left us a lot, his work dedication, love of life, love of my colleagues, to filial families, all have left a deep impression. ”

Father: He is my son, but also the son of the people

Zhang Ninghai’s father is Taihe County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the cadres, the mother is the winery’s laid-off workers,http://www.yr369.com/news/html/?62275.html, middle-aged childless grief is beyond words to describe. Zhang Ninghai’s mother overwhelmed by grief, frail, in the name bit,mulberry mens bag cara delevingne mulberry bags, but her weak eyes showing her inner pain and complex emotions. Zhang Ninghai’s father to make the greatest effort to restrain the heart of bereavement,small mulberry handbag mulberry wash bag, but the tears in the eyes refused to move, down his gaunt cheeks like a broken string of pearls down to DC. He broke down in tears and said: “My son Ninghai at a critical time to make such a move and I am proud that this is him as a people’s police should do, Ninghai is my son is the son of the people.”

14 am, Huangshan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Fuhong visit Zhang Ninghai when parents say: “You have a good son,hogan donna scarpe di moda blue modello P1, and we have a good cop,second hand mulberry bayswater mulberry edie bag, Comrade Ninghai is your glory, but also our pride his departure is unfortunate relatives. also Huangshan pain. “Currently, Comrade Zhang Ninghai memorial service is scheduled to be held on December 17, Comrade Zhang Ninghai declared martyrs program has been launched,http://www.jis007.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=56319, Huangshan City,mulberry hobo bag mulberry alexa clutch, the local people,http://lbhosp.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=11943, Fudan University also spontaneously extend to Zhang Ninghai sacrifice condolences.


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